2014 General Rules

  1. All cars will receive a Safety Inspection before entering the event from the PSRA Official Techs. This is a SAFETY INSPECTION not a TECH INSPECTION. This is checking to make sure you have proper roll cage, fire extinguisher, window net, anything that is considered SAFETY!
  2. Track rule will apply when it comes to race/not race to the yellow. We will not race to the yellow.
  3. Absolutely do not race to the red. If you do not let off the gas to stop at a safe time under red you will receive a Black Flag Warning for the first offense and a Black Flag for second offense.
  4. The A Feature will be 25+ laps, B Feature will be 15+ laps. There will be 20 cars qualified for the A Feature and an additional 2 provisional spots for a starting field of 22 cars for the A Feature. All Heats will be 8 laps with no more than 6 cars starting the heat race. (See Provisional’s under pay out) In the event that the race is a NASCAR Event race it will be 30 laps. See NASCAR race rules.
  5. Drawing for Heats position, then the Top 10 qualifiers will be locked into the A and they will be inverted by fan draw. The rest of the field will be determined by B Feature(s). If the current points leader of the visiting track wants to race the event they will be granted a provisional spot (IF THEY ARE LEGAL TO OUR RULES). The other provisional spot will be a LUCKY DOG spot by draw from Non-Qualifiers. In the event that the visiting tracks current points leader does not meet our rules or wish to race the event then there will be 2 LUCKY DOG spots by draw out of the NON-QUALIFIERS at which they will be put to the rear of the A Feature. In the event only 20 cars show for the event there will not be any B Features all cars will be lined up by their heat finish but the Top 10 cars will still be inverted by fan draw.
  6. There will a $100 membership fee to be a member (car and driver) of the PSRA per Racing Season year. If you are a registered member you will qualify for the member payout. If you are not a registered member you will qualify for the non-member payout as described in the payout formula, PLUS you will pay an entry fee of $35per event to PSRA in addition to your pit pass to the visiting track. Each member (car/driver) will receive a decal(s) to put on their car. These decal(s) will be from Sponsor’s and will be mandatory to be on your car as a part of the member payout policy. Registered member means car and driver.
  7. At each race event the Driver will pay the pit pass to the track but no entry fee for the PSRA Racing Event. If you ARE NOT a PSRA member then you will pay a $35 entry fee per race event in addition to the visiting tracks pit pass fee.
  8. If you are not in the staging area and do not pull out on the track when your race comes out on the track you will be put tailback. No Exceptions!
  9. EACH DRIVER MUST also sign in at the PSRA station after signing in at the Track Pit Gate. IT MUST BE THE DRIVER.
  10. If there is a caution during your race and you do not line up as directed after the 2nd time told you will be put tailback, so pay attention to the officials.
  11. We are out there to put on a race not go around on caution laps! If you are told a 3rd time you will be black flag warned. A 4th time you will be sent to the pits and Disqualified from the race. If it is a Heat Race and you are Disqualified then you will start in the tailback of B Feature. If it is in the Feature you just lost points and pay.. No questions asked!
  12. We will have Delaware Restarts (leader out front and 2nd ONLY place picks inside or outside behind the leader) after cautions. If it is the last 5 laps of a Featurerace then it will be single file restarts. CHALK LINE Once the leader passes the chalk line and the green flag is out the RACE IS ON!
  13. If you are given a Mechanical flag after the 2nd time you will receive a black flag and be disqualified for that race. If that is during a heat race you will start in the rear of the B Feature if it is during any Feature race you lost points and pay for that night. No questions asked!
  14. If a caution comes out during your race and there are lapped cars they will be positioned where they cross the flag UNLESS they are more than 1 lap down then they will go to the rear of the field or if there are only 5 laps left of the race they will go to the rear no matter how many laps down. THIS IS FOR FEATURES ONLY!
  15. We are out to put on a good show and ask that all drivers entered into the event represent the Association in a good and professional manner. There will be penalties for misconduct (example: cursing an Official, using car in a threatening manner, using hand gestures towards officials, fighting, etc). We have no tolerance for misconduct!
  16. If you are charged with 2 flags (other than the Hold your line flag) then you will be sent to the pits. This is on any race.. Heat race or Features!
  17. If you take the leader out and the leader can finish the race you will receive a black flag warning and sent tailback, leader will get their spot back IF they do not have to go to the pits for a flat tire or minor repair. If the leader cannot finish the race, neither can you (Black flag) but you are to pull your car directly to the Association Official parking area and stay with your car. But refer to rule 14 as well.
  18. When coming onto the track for the A Feature all cars should be lined up correctly. You will pull to the front stretch and stop your car for driver introduction. After driver introduction a fan will advise you to start your engines. You will then do 1 lap in order of the race line up then you will go 4 cars abreast to salute the fans and then back to original line up to go green flag racing at the Flagman’s direction.
  19. The pole hole car sets the pace. There will be even starts in the center of turns 3 and 4 when the green flag waves. No backstretch starts. If you jump start you will be penalized.. See penalties. PSRA reserves the right to start any race as a rolling start on the front stretch, you will be informed at the drivers meeting on how the Main Event will start. So pay attention in the drivers meeting and the line up board!
  20. If you pay you PIT PASS with a check you will receive your check back with your payout. NO EXCEPTIONS!! Your PIT PASS is considered your pit pass to the track and for Non Members your entry fee of $35 to PSRA. If you write a check to the track for your pitpass we will buy back your check from the track and will give your check back to you with your pay. In the event you are disqualified and do not receive any pay and your check is returned for insufficient funds you will be charged a $25 returned check fee. All returned checks must be picked up before you can enter another PSRA Event.
  21. If you disagree with the final finish you have 30 minutes after the race to protest the finish as the scorekeepers scored it.
  22. The winner of the A Feature will pull to the front stretch under the flag stand for interview and to receive trophy AFTER the OFFICIAL WINNER has been determined through tech. The results are not final until the tech has cleared all cars to be tech. See Tech Rules for tech requirements.
  23. If something falls off your car and it causes a caution for debris on the track, you will be charged with the flag HOWEVER, that does not mean you will lose you spot. If you are charged a 2nd time for debris on the track, it will apply to the 2 flag rule and you will be sent to the pits. This goes even to the race leader.. So make sure you check your car good before entering onto the track to race.
  24. If you stop forward motion because the track is blocked and you had no place to go, you will not be charged with the flag and will get your spot back. However, if other cars got around the caution area you should be able to as well therefore you will be charged as well but not charged for drawing the flag. You will go tailback but the one actually charged with the flag will go to the rear of the field.
  25. No driver pit crew or family member is allowed out on the track at anytime during a race. This will cause you to get disqualified for that race and could cause a penalty fine.
  26. If driver gets out of their car on the track and touches a car they are disqualified for that race.
  27. Car #’s are registered.. First come first to receive the #. Example.. Car #1 is registered and another driver wants to have the same #.. The 2nd driver will have to come up with 1A or something and have it marked before they participate in the race events.
  28. If there is a car owner that has multiple cars in the PSRA then they will need to purchase a Membership license for each car and driver. For example an owner has 3 cars, they must purchase and register a driver to each car and have a membership. If one of those cars has 2 drivers( driver‘s switch off week to week) , then each driver will need a membership to participate in the Point Fund and Membership Payout.
  29. Membership fees are non-refundable.


  • Introduction to SOME of the 2015 Rule Changes

    We are INTRODUCING some of our rule changes for 2015 PSRA RULES for the rest of the 2014 Season just to get some feedback from the drivers:

    • Sweet pumps are okay. No quick steers.
    • Racing shocks are ok. Bilstein, Afco, etc are ok BUT MUST MOUNT IN STOCK LOCATION. No hiemend.
    • Flywheel must weigh 17 pounds BY ITSELF. No special grinding allowed. No aluminum flywheels. There will be a protest fee of $150 on the flywheel. If you think a car has an illegal flywheel protest it.. if it is legal the protested driver will get $100 and PSRA will get $50 for the POINT FUND. If illegal then the protesting driver will get $100 back and $50 will go into the drivers point fund for PSRA.. at PSRA Events.  PROTEST MONEY MUST BE CASH and MUST BE FULL AMOUNT OF PROTEST FEE
    • OEM Spoilers ONLY. If it came from the factory with a spoiler you may run a spoiler. If you are not for sure contact PSRA Promoter Jeff Ratliff  479-301-4239.
    • Pinion Angle 5.5 degree. WILL BE MEASURED AT THE HOUSING.



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