2014 Class Rules


If the rules don’t say you can…. Don’t do it unless you want to be Disqualified!!!


Liability Clause: Build your car safe as PSRA and the Visiting Tracks accept no liability/responsibility.



SAFETY: Remember safety is a TOP CONCERN

  1. All cars entering the event MUST have a pre-safety inspection prior to entering the race. If the tech sees something they will inform you but it is up to you to fix it. If it is not fixed when you pull into Official Tech after a race it could get you disqualified.
  2. All cars must be equipped with a working fire extinguisher that is within hands reach of the driver. This does not mean zipped tied, duct taped or bailing wire but secured for quick release for quick use.
  3. All weights MUST be painted white or safety yellow with the car # on it. If weight is found and not marked, it becomes the property of the Association however, you will have an option to claim it at the end of the night.
  4. Drive lines must be painted white or caution yellow with the car # on it.
  5. All helmets must be Snell approved helmets and no open faced helmets.
  6. 5 point quick release seat belt harness required. Make sure that they are in good condition as they will be inspected.
  7. Aluminum racing seats only. No fiberglass seats allowed. No plastic seats.
  8. If the battery is in the drivers compartment it MUST be in an approved and secured battery box. If you box in the interior, there must be a firewall between the driver and battery, and there must be an inspection hole (door).
  9. Window nets are required and must cover ¾ of the drivers window. No Sprint Type Window nets allowed.
  10. Not required but if the visiting track rules state you must wear a neck brace/ collar then you will need to have one. So come prepared!
  11. Fire proof racing suit required.
  12. Leather shoes are required. (racing shoes, boots, etc) Something that protects your feet. No sandals!
  13. Must have a kill switch within reach from either door. 
  14. Any car with a "Buddy" seat may have passengers for Hot Laps or Heat Races ONLY. The passenger if under the age of 18 MUST have a Minor Release Form on file with PSRA. Pre-Approval MUST be obtained at each PSRA Event at the time of signing in at the PSRA Official area. Passenger of ANY car equipped with a Buddy Seat must be at least 4'6" in height and weigh a minimum of 115 pounds. NO EXCEPTIONS!!


  1. Must be at least the age of 14 years of age. Must have Minor release form signed by Parent or Legal Guardian on file for any driver under the age of 18.
  2. Guardianship papers must be supplied and on file incase any questions.
  3. Pay should be under the Parent or Guardians name until the age of 18.


  1. Any American made full body, rear wheel driven passenger car or pickup. No convertibles. Must have full metal roof (sunroofs, T-tops must be covered with metal). Any BODY off of a 1980-2000 that was used in NASCAR during those years can be put on a rear wheel driven frame. It MUST be GM to GM, FORD to FORD, MOPAR to MOPAR. For example you can take a 1976 Monte Carlo Frame and put a 1998 Monte Carlo body on it. We understand how hard the “old bodies” are to find. THERE IS A WEIGHT CHANGE TO THE CHANGING OF THE BODY STYLE SO READ WEIGHT RULE AS WELL
  2. Must be 108” wheel base minimum. However, may run 97”-102” wheel base with 305 cu max engine or smaller but must be completely stock. No exceptions. Engines cannot not exceed the 305 cubic max for any year make or model that have the 97”-102” wheel base. No stretching or shortening the wheelbase.
  3. Rear suspension must be OEM for that year, make and model. GM to GM Ford to Ford, Mopar to Mopar. See suspension rule also.
  4. Must have stock unaltered floor pan and firewall front to rear.
  5. Stock trunk must remain. Trunk area may be gutted and cut for fuel cell clearance up to rear of rear-end housing. Must have stock trunk lid.
  6. NO SPOILERS ALLOWED! If it came out from manufacturer with a spoiler it MUST be removed.
  7. Fender wells may be cut out for tire clearance. Inner fender wells on the rear must remain.
  8. Nerf bars are O.K. They must not be stuck out more than 3” past the body of the car. Protecting the driver and passenger doors only.
  9. All doors must be welded or bolted shut. Door skins are O.K.
  10. Fiberglass hoods are O.K.
  11. Plastic nose pieces are O.K.
  12. Skirting is O.K.
  13. Must remove all glass, chrome and flammable materials.
  14. Boxing of interior is O.K. but MUST HAVE inspection hole/door.
  15. Must have minimum of 4 windshield bars in front of the driver and must be at least 3/8“ OD. Screening on bars of windshield ok.
  16. Must have tow hooks on front and rear. Track or Association will not be responsible for tow damage.
  17. No slanting or sloping of the roof.
  18. Driver must sit in front of the stock door pillar.
  19. Body MUST BE in stock location.
  20. You may install a "Buddy" seat. The seat MUST be installed to the same rules as the Drivers seat. Passenger side window MUST have window net same as the Driver's side rule. There must be a door plate in the passenger door the same as stated in the drivers side door. Must have wind shield bars same as the drivers side. Basically.. if you have a passenger buddy seat in your car IT MUST BE SET UP  THE SAME AS THE DRIVERS SIDE OF THE CAR. This will be inspected hard for safety reasons.



  1. Steel OEM V-8 Block only. No GM Bowtie, Ford SVO or Mopar W-2 blocks, heads or intakes allowed. SMALL BLOCKS ONLY!
  2. NO GM Power pack heads. No Double Hump heads. OEM ONLY.
  3. Stroke MUST match block. No 400 or larger Cubic Inch parts allowed.
  4. Maximum 360 ci for GM’s, 363 ci for Fords, 370 ci for Mopar.
  5. Must use OEM or OEM like pistons. Flat top pistons ONLY with 4 relief valve on top of piston or dish. Cast only pistons.
  6. Stroke 3.48” for GM, 3.5” for Fords & Mopar. Rod 5.75” GM, Ford and Mopar. GM engine must have GM rods, Ford engine must have Ford rods and Mopar engine must have Mopar rods.
  7. Approved OEM cylinder head. No Vortex head. No Ford after-market SVO heads. No Mopar after-market W-2 heads. 360 Heads only. No after-market heads allowed. NONE!!! See chart for approved head list #’s.
  8. No 305 heads allowed on GM 350. On a 305 GM block you may run 350 heads from the approved head # list.
  9. No head work can be done on the heads. Only machine shop work will be flat milled only. No angle milling. No cutting heads for larger springs, valve guides or bosses.
  10. 1.94 intake valves. 1.50 exhaust valves.
  11. Open chamber heads only. Must pass 76 cc test on 350 heads. No close chamber heads allowed. Heads MUST have started out as 76cc heads and not to test lower than 70cc. No Ford GT40 Aluminum heads allowed.
  12. No roller rocker arms. No roller tips rocker arms. May use stock rocker ratio no larger than 1.5” for GM.
  13. MAY USE 3/8 screw in studs only.
  14. Pinning of stock stud must be a 3/8 stud.
  15. Cannot machine block, other than flat surface deck height. Pistons cannot be higher than block. No zero piston deck height allowed.
  16. Intake must have unaltered OEM 4-barrel cast iron Quadra jet manifold. No aluminum high-rise, or vortex intakes. No porting polishing or alterations of any kind to head and/or intake. If it is a 4 barrel intake it must be a spread bore intake. NO Brzezinski  intakes or exhaust.
  17. Aluminum water pump, water pump pulley and crankshaft pulleys are OK.
  18. Camshaft lift not to exceed .450” at the valve on intake/exhaust. No tolerance. This is basically a stock profile camshaft. No special grinds allowed. Hydraulic only. OEM ONLY. No bleed down lifter.Camshaft lift not to exceed .450” at the pushrod on intake/exhaust. No tolerance. This is basically a stock profile camshaft. No special grinds allowed. Hydraulic only. OEM ONLY. No bleed down lifters. No roller lifters. No push rod guide plates. No honeycomb valve springs, OEM length push rods. Clarified rule on 3/21/2014. From Speed-Pro Catalog 179R, 1095R, 185R are about $135 for cam and lifters and they are .450 lift cam with 16” vacuum and are 300-350 hp cams (These are just part #’s but not what you have to run).
  19. Must pull 18” of vacuum at 1000 RPM after race. CHANGED TO Must pull 16" vacuum at 1000 rpm on 11/30/2013.

    Any hydraulic cam MUST pull 16” vacuum. NO TOLERANCE.

  20. Maximum cranking compression of 185 pounds. Changed to Maximum cranking compression of 175 pounds on 11/30/2013.
  21. No roller cam
  22. Distributor may be locked must be a vacuum canister and must have stock location.



  2.  May have solid shaft steering column.
  3. No quick steer, no sweet steering boxes.
  4. No after market power steering boxes or sweet pumps.
  5. Power Steering pump CANNOT have a remote reserviour.



  1. Must have OEM transmissions. 11” flywheel, stock clutch. Functioning OEM torque converter. (No dummy torque converters and no altered torque converters of any kind). Coolers are ok, must be mounted in front of radiator. All forward and reverse gears must be operational.

                       Manual Transmissions

  • Must be unaltered OEM 3 or 4 speeds, with minimum 10.5” clutch. Hydraulic clutch release bearings are OK. Steel unaltered flywheel only with minimum weight of 24 pounds and stock type pressure plate. No altering allowed.
  • Must have steel or cast iron bell-housing with a recommended explosion proof blanket or shield. NO ALUMINUM BELL HOUSING ALLOWED.

                    Automatic Transmissions

  • Must be unaltered OEM, with unaltered pump. Must be in original bell housing, with minimum 10” torque converter and converter must hold minimum of three (3) quarts of fluid. Must have shield around outside of converter housing. Flex plate must be full, unaltered OEM or OEM replacement.


  1. Drive shaft must be painted white or safety yellow with car # on it and must have a safety chain or driveshaft loop. Must be made of steel. No aluminum drive shafts.



  1. All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered OEM, in OEM location and match frame.
  2. OEM rubber A-frame bushing only. No off-set or slotted. 
  3. No lowering spindles and OEM must match OEM frame to spindles and control arms.


  1. One (1) OEM or OEM replacement shock per wheel in stock location. NO RACING SHOCKS ALLOWED. NO VALVING OR ALUMINUM SHOCKS ALLOWED.
  2. All four (4) shocks must be in stock location and stock mountings. No hiem-ends.  


  1. One (1) steel spring ONLY in OEM stock location. May run racing springs.
  2. No adjustable shackles on front of leaf or coil springs. Stock location only!
  3. You MAY run no more than a 2" spacer in the rear springs.


  1. Must be OEM for that car, GM to GM, Ford to Ford, Mopar to Mopar with the exception below. Must run OEM axles.
  2. Must weld spider gears or may run mini spool. No torque dividing or limited slip differentials allowed. No aluminum spools allowed.
  3. 9” Ford rear-ends are allowed.
  4. No Floaters.
  5. Stock gears ONLY,,, no final drives! CHANGED ON 11/30/2013  You MAY run final drive! All gears of the transmission MUST be in working order and no lightening of the transmission.
  6. NO MORE THAN 4 degree pinon angle allowed.  Clarified on 3/21/2014



  1. All components and mounts must be steel, unaltered, OEM in OEM location and match frame.
  2. OEM rubber control arm bushing only.
  3. No independent rear suspension allowed.
  4. No pan hard bars, spring rubbers, chains or cables allowed. Unless stock for that year make and model.



  1. Must be approved OEM in OEM location. May have tube bumpers as long as they fit the car to OEM type bumpers.
  2. Bumpers MUST be capped on the ends, with NO Sharp edges.
  3. No hidden weight allowed. All added weight must be visible.



  1. Tires will be Hoosier’s 970’s which will work to the 8” or 10” wheels.
  2. May run 8” or 10” wheels only. NO BEAD LOCKS ALLOWED.
  3. Wheel spacers allowed. 1” maximum only!
  4. No adaptors allowed.
  5. One-inch OD lug nuts mandatory on all four (4) wheels. 20 count total (5 per wheel).
  6. No bleeder valves.
  7. Grooving of tires is OK.
  8. No softening of tires. They may not be no softer than 50!



  1. Steel, unaltered OEM or unaltered OEM replacement, operative on all four (4) wheels. ALL 4 brakes must be in working order.
  2. Brakes must match car. Master cylinder must be in OEM location.
  3. No antilock brake systems. No brake shut off or bias adjusters allowed.
  4. Steel brake lines only. May drill flanges and rotors to take larger wheel studs.
  5. May run drum or disc brakes, same size as OEM original. Must be OEM same size as front.



  1. OEM cast iron manifolds only. No headers. No After-Market Manifolds. NO LS PARTS. THIS MEANS NO CORVETTE PARTS!!
  2. No ram horn or center dump allowed. THIS MEANS NO!
  3. Must run exhaust pipes. Pipe on either side must be longer than four (4) feet long. Must be past driver’s compartment.
  4. Exhaust must be under car type and must be secured properly. No flex pipe allowed.
  5. Exhaust must be 2” O.D. from start to finish. MOST cast iron 2” exhaust acceptable. No cross over’s, no drilling holes in the exhaust pipe.



  1. Must run OEM mechanical push rod fuel pump only.
  2. Carburetors (A) OEM 4 barrel Rochester Quadra jet 600 cfm (B) 2 barrel Holley 4412 with a 1 inch adaptor to manifold no modification stock only (C )Spread bore Holley Carburetors 600 cfm must be a single line single pump vacuum secondary and must bolt directly to a cast iron Quadra jet with a 1 inch adaptor only.(D) Edelbrock 600 cfm with no modifications. THOSE ARE THE ONLY CHOICES OF CARBURETORS ALLOWED. NO ALTERING OF CARBURETOR ALLOWED. SEE CARBURETOR CLAIM RULE!!!

    Typo corrected on 4/6/2014: The rule should read Holley 4412 500 cfm 2 bbl carb or Holley 600 cfm 1850 4 bbl carb. Any Edlebrock 600 cfm or Quadra Jet 4 bbl carb.

  3. Must run fuel cell, with metal container enclosure. 22 gallon fuel cell maximum.
  4. Pump gas or racing fuel--NO ALCOHOL.


  1. Must weigh 3200 pounds AFTER race with driver and at the track scales.
  2. Bolt on weight is ok but NO hidden weight allowed. Added weight must be visible upon inspection. Must have two(2) 1/2" bolts per valve cover lead weight block.
  3. No lightening of the car by any means allowed.
  4. All added weights MUST be painted white or safety yellow with car number on it.
  5. If you put a newer style body on your car it must weigh 3250 after the race with the driver. The tech designates where the 50 pounds of weight will go and will be same location for all cars with newer style bodies on older frames.



  1. One (1) 12 volt battery only. Must be mounted in an approved secured battery box if in drivers compartment.
  2. Must be stock type distributor. (If it says high voltage that is not stock type). Must be vacuum advanced timing and must work off vacuum. 



  1. Minimum four-point cage, minimum size 1 ½” O.D. by .095” wall thickness steel tubing. (Recommend 1.75” OD by .095”).
  2. Minimum three (3) door bars in each side of cage. Door bars = minimum size 1 ½” O.D. by .095” wall thickness steel tubing.
  3. Must have four (4) 3/8” bars in front of driver in windshield area. Rock screen in front of driver is highly recommended.
  4. 1/8” thick steel plate on drivers door MANDOTORY and under drivers seat MANDATORY.



  1. Numbers MUST be visible to be scored and watch it contracting in with paint scheme of car.
  2. If the score keeper can’t read them you will be notified after your heat race so that it can be corrected before the next PSRA event. CAR #’s MUST BE VISIBLE.
  3. If you are running cars as teammates, please be considerate of the scorekeeper’s with your lettering and paint schemes. No Identicals!
  4. Car/Driver must be registered. The first to register a # will receive that #. Example: A driver wants to register their car #1 and do so, then another driver wants to register their car # also #1, they can’t do that. They will need to add a letter to their # such as 1A or something and it must be marked before the racing events start for proper scoring. We understand being a touring series that there will be same #’s at some point and we will let you know if we already have that driver # registered for that event.
  5. Please put numbers on the front (headlight area) and rear (taillight area) of your cars to assist the Spotter’s when lining up.. And of course most driver’s know who they were behind in during a race so it will be easier to do quick line ups in the event of a caution.
  6. Size of #’s : Door #’s should be a minimum of 18” x 5”, Roof should be 24” x 5” and should be put on where the # is vertical to the passenger side of the car and the headlight/tail light #’s should 2” x 6”


                                                                                                                        BUILD YOUR CARS GOOD AND SAFE!!!



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